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Legal Proceedings

  • We provide legal views and legal advices that protects the rights of the client and we review his legal position
  • We conduct researches and legal studies for the future projects of the client to insure their conformity with local and international laws.
  • Contracts reviewing: a comprehensive analysis of the clients ongoing contracts, and provide the client with any inconsistency and the steps to be taken to protect our client’s interests.
  • Contract drafting: drafting of all types of contracts civil, commercial, industrial, construction,technology transfer and multi-national contracts.
  • We prepare the internal rules and regulations in accordance with the labor law for private and governmental establishments and bodies.
  • We provide solutions for labour conflicts faced by the institution and provide the best legal advice
  • Drafting and registration of limited liability, joint stock ,public companies and documentation of boards resolutions
  • organizing and documenting of the ordinary and the extraordinary meeting of the boards of directors and general assemblies
  • Enrollment of commercial registrations, trademarks, agencies, industrial licenses and foreign capital.

How we operate and deal

  • Step one : comprehensive analysis of our client’s needs
  • Step two: initial report to the client

Types of contracting with Azzer:

  • Annual contract
  • Case by case contract